As a young firm, we pride ourselves on operating at the cutting edge of the industry. While we are comfortable with traditional construction techniques, we are constantly searching for materials and systems which push the boundaries of speed, robustness and energy efficiency. Through research into new spatial typologies we try to promote architecture which actively contributes to and participates in the urban environment. Our team shares experience across a number of architectural platforms and is thus able to effectively conduct work at both large and small scales.


Urban Design

Our philosophy emerges from a belief that well-designed urban life can be an answer to socio-economic and environmental problems. We believe that effective urban environments are never imposed onto communities as a single-minded plan but rather emerge over a long time through the voices and actions of multiple participants. As such, we believe that the role of the urban designer is first and foremost to translate and synergise the spatial agendas of communities, business and the state. We are, however, mindful that we are operating in a post-apartheid context and that fast track spatial interventions (e.g. mass transit initiatives) are often necessary to catalyse the just and equitable growth of our cities. In this regard, we strongly believe in the practice of urban design as a translation medium between the seismic impact of large-scale interventions and the delicate structures of our communities.


Community Participation

We see community participation as an integral part of all of our own creative processes. By borrowing ideas from the disciplines of oral history and civic engagement, We have developed effective techniques for establishing the needs and ideas of communities in development. We recognize that major development projects seldom have the time or budget allocation for community participation processes and thus pride ourselves on time and cost efficient systems which guarantee meaningful outputs in the development and refinement of a project brief.