Fulham Heights

CLIENT: Brixton Road Investments

PROGRAM: Mixed-use building


LOCATION: Brixton, Johannesburg, Gauteng

BUDGET: R3.5 million

Architect | Local Studio
Engineer | The Structural Workshop
Main contractor | Charge Prop




Fulham Heights is one of the first mixed-use densification projects that promote the principals and guidelines of the Johannesburg Corridors of Freedom policy. This project is also one of the largest light-weight steel structures in South Africa. The building is the conversion of an old corner shop, which was a Chinese restaurant for many years, and subsequently rented by Local as office space. The project was initiated and partially developed by Local Studio, who devised a design that would be very sensitive to the heritage of the corner shop. This was done by rendering the new addition in translucent polycarbonate. Fulham Heights includes retail facilities, offices and residential spaces.

The project, like many others by Local Studio, intends to be a lighthouse of hope and regeneration in the area and is designed to promote passive surveillance in what is known to be a notoriously high-crime zone. The project was completed in February 2017, and was fraught by the international rise in steel price, making it a lot more financially challenging than initially planned. Difficulties have also emerged with relation to accessing finance for a development project in a risky area and due to the initially appointed contractor going bankrupt.