The New Black

CLIENT: The New Black

PROGRAM: Open-plan offices and boardroom


LOCATION: Parkhurst, Johannesburg, Gauteng

BUDGET: R150 000

Architect | Local Studio
Contractor | Conscious Improvements




This project is an open-plan conversion of a standard 1950s working class Parkhurst house. It is one of the few residential-to-office conversions on the 7th Avenue strip that retains the character of the original house, while allowing for a friendly public interface.

The commission came about as a result of Thomas Chapman's former business partner being a previous employee of The New Black. The design process was a very simple restructuring of the internal space of the house. The most prominent design element is the redesigning of the street-facing facades as shopfronts and the reappropriation of the standard steel palisade fencing as a sunscreen and a burglar guard. 

Despite a very inexperienced contractor working on the project and a tight budget, it was very neatly realised, due largely to the client being a graphic design firm with a strict eye for detail and a strong presence on site.