Trevor Huddleston Memorial Centre

Dear lovers of community, architecture, urban design, jazz...

We are raising money to complete the Trevor Huddleston Memorial Building: a multipurpose community centre in Sophiatown which caters to the broader Sophiatown and Westbury community. The building was funded by the National Lottery and we managed to complete the core building with this budget but we are now raising money for a sculptural steel sunscreen to be built on the north and east facades. The screen will support a map of old Sophiatown that will allow former residents, forcibly removed from the area during the apartheid era, to hang a memorial plaque on the place on the map where their house once stood. This is the finishing touch on the building and it will really turn it from a good building into a great building! 


Click here for the campaign link:
Sophiatown Remembrance Screen

Please donate what you can, it is very easy to sign up with Indiegogo and pledge via credit card or Paypal. Apart from doing something cool for Joburg the perks are great if you donate more than a certain amount.

The building is fully functional as a community centre already so I would be more than happy to give you guys a tour if you are keen,


Thomas Chapman
(Founder and Principal of Local Studio)